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You might have decided to get an iOS device this festive season. As soon as you hit the app store you are flooded with thousands and thousands of app suggestions. The apps listed in the top grossing tabs are no doubt great, but there are some other apps which are brilliant yet arenít that popular. Letís take look and some of them; this will make your life easier and more fun.


Probably one of the most convenient GPS app. Not only will it guide you turn by turn like a normal GPS but it will also send you alerts of traffic blocks and accidents up ahead , calculating an alternate route. Also people using waze can update the system by giving info on speed radars and traffic jams thus alerting other waze users travelling through the same route. And the best part about this app is, itís free. 


Well the app name is pretty straight forward and says what it does. I love food and trying out new places is really exciting. App does the job of locating and selecting restaurants around me and sorts them according to their cuisines. Along with the location you will also get to see the ratings given to this place by other GET FOOD NEARBY users and can then judge how good or bad it might be. Where this app really comes in handy is when to travel to a new place and donít know where to go, what to have and what is good. This app like the previous one is also free of cost. 


Sometimes you are dealing with somebody and donít want to give them your personal phone number, Instead you just want to give them a temporary contact number until your deal is on. Well thatís where this handy app comes into use. The burner app gives you a temporary number that you can give out to any person so he may contact you, until that number expirers. For example if you selling something on Craigslist or setting up a date, you donít really want to give these people your permanent phone number. So burner gives you a temporary line for a very reasonable price so that you can avoid such people from contacting you repeatedly after your deal.


Bump is the coolest and quickest way to share files on your mobile device.  You can share files, photos, notes, videos etc. How you ask? Well as the name suggest, you literally bump the devices together and the transfer begins. You could even transfer files to your laptop by bumping your mobile on the laptop keyboard. Itís a very fun and quick and way of sharing files and pictures. 


Spring pad is a great app that lets you maintain something like a digital scrap book. You could save anything onto your spring pad. The great thing is that this app analyses and gives you suggestions based on what you save. For Example if you save a recipe, spring pad quickly creates a grocery check list that you will need to create this recipe, or if you save a movie title, this app will suggest nearby theatres or even link you to amazon for purchase. A very useful app if you take advantage of all its functionalities. This amazing app is available free of cost. 

Well thatís 5 cool Apps we saw. Iíll give you guys sometime to try them out give in your suggestions. I will cover 5 more in the next blog so do stay tuned.

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