Apple iOS6 vs iOs7

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Apple iOS6 vs iOS7:
 iOS7 is a latest version of Apple's mobile device OS, which gives an enormous visualisation effects, a refreshed, more flatter and light theme. Thus, a lot of difference between iOS6 and the biggest leap to iOS7.

Icon variation iOS6 vs iOS7
Icons have been slightly varied, while the iOS6 is dark and glossy, the iOS7 adds a softer touch and a lighter feel to the interface. The colour intentions and visualisation slightly have a touch of windows mobile. The icons listed below will give a clear picture.

Screen lock
- iOS6 vs iOS7

The iOS7 has finally a renovated screen lock since the first iOS. The whole screen manages to swipe across to access the passcode verification, while giving access to the camera (available in iOS6) and the Calculator App. This will be welcomed by a majority or all of the Apple users.

Apps- iOS6 vs iOS7 
Apps are literally the most important feature and their interface plays the key role in designing an OS. Similarly the apps have been amped up compared to the iOS6, and now features graphical visualisations and interactive content much more than that on the iOS6.

The iOS6 was designed to be solid, genuinely neat and unique in almost every way. iOS7 definitely showcases a more light, refreshed and visually dramatic to use.

Multitasking- iOS6 vs iOS7

Its an added advantage  in the iOS7, and is now for real, while browsing through or simply closing more number of application at same time.

The picture gives a clear view on the Multi Tasking in the iOS6 and iOS7. While apps remained inactive and you could simple switch between apps in the iOS6, the iOS7 has a superior functionality adding real multi tasking to the OS by not just pausing, but running while required in the background.

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