LG G Pro Lite will have pre-installed BBM

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BlackBerry has confirmed the news that select LG smartphones will have BBM pre-installed. The Canadian smartphone manufacture has revealed that they have come to an agreement with LG. BlackBerry has made the rumors, during late November about agreement between LG and BlackBerry, true.

BlackBerry has also confirmed the first LG smartphone which would see the BBM app pre-installed will be LG G pro Lite. The LG G Pro Lite flagship smartphone was introduced as a cheapervariant of the LG G Pro on October. The LG G Pro hasnít yet seen a global roll out. It is currently only available in selected regions like Latin America, Europe and Asia.

BlackBerry didnít mention details on other LG Smartphones which would feature the BBM pre-installed. On the other side, Android users can download BBM for Free from Google Play Store. As of October report, BBM is hosting 80 million active users which includes 20 million Android or iOS device users.


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