Acer Iconia W511 Review

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The Acer W5 series of tablet computing devices, launched it's latest model, Acer Iconia W511 tablet. The 10.1" tablet is light weight and backs a good battery life. The tablet  comes with Windows 8 32-bit pre-loaded and a decent set of hardware. The tablet, just like other tablets, comes with  keyboard dock connector sold separately. The docking keyboard comes packed with extra battery back up. The tablet is multimedia device for users not demanding extensive graphic applications but just general multitasking and browsing.


The Iconia W511 is built with simplicity in mind. The whole tablet is simple yet elegant, with no many cuts and design shapes etc. However, the tablet feels good and looks premium. On the other hand, the docking keyboard is very plain with a protruding connector making it look odd but that is to allow the screen to be folded up to 295 degrees. 

The screen is enveloped by a white layer forming the borders, lacking edge-to-edge display. The tablet also features a Micro SD card reader, Micro HDMI port with HDCP support, a Micro USB 2.0 port. The docking keyboard connector only sports a USB 2.0 Port. All the physical buttons and keys, volume control, power, and screen orientation lock, are located in the upper right corner.  On the right hand side is the Micro USB port, a Sim card slot and a Micro HDMI port.


The Iconia W511 features a 10.1" HD IPS LCD display with capacitive multi-touch with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. It is not the sharpest display, rather not even high clarity. Although the display is bright with decent vivid colour accuracy, the display lacks punch and sharpness. The touch sensitivity is pretty good and quite responsive through out the interface. The overall experience of the display and interface is satisfying and rather a concern for general users, unless you are looking for retina display style clarity on the tablet.


The Iconia w511 is surprisingly good on hardware. The device is powered by Intel Atom processor clocking 1.5GHz and 1.8GHz on burst mode technology. Along with 2GB DDR3 Ram, the device also provides a storage capacity of 64GB SSD expandable using a Micro SD card. 

The rear camera is Acer's Crystal Eye HD with a resolution of 8 MP capable of recording 1080p videos. On the front is Acer Crystal Eye HD camera capable of 720p video recording for HD video conferencing. 

The detachable docking keyboard allows a bending angle of 295degrees twist for easy docking suitable for browsing or viewing. 


The camera on the Iconia W511 comes with 8 MP resolution with Acer Crystal Eye HD technology. It is capable of taking good quality pictures with fine level of detail. However the low light photography is surprisingly clear, not certainly the best in market, but less noise. It also features a flash, and the camera is also capable of recording full HD videos.

The front facing camera features a 2MP resolution enhanced by Acer Crystal Eye HD. The video conferencing becomes much more clearer with HD video. Also the camera is capable of recording 720p video.

User Interface

The Windows 8 Pro, pre loaded with the tablet, runs all applications including the legacy softwares. The OS is designed such as to run on laptops and desktops too, thus improving productivity and compatibility. 

The tablet however had minor delays and certain issues with response to touch inputs. The Acer update, however quite solved the problem to a certain extent. The tablet can handle apps satisfactorily but is draggy. If you really insist on multitasking, keep it light. The interface is as such fine and is suitable for light application usage, browsing and small games. The software requires tweaks before you can be happy with the user interface. Microsoft is still yet to update their app store bringing in the big softwares.


The user interface was a setback. and will reflect on the performance. With the issues sorted out, the tablet is going to get going pretty well but will satisfy the needs of light users. The best part to mention would be it's light weight, and long battery life. Switching between apps is smooth, launching applications is smooth, making up for the better experience in using this device. You will really be happy, if you are a light user, with the flexibility of this device in complimenting your productivity. The docking keyboard with 295 degree twist angle is perfect for presentations or if you are simply enjoying a movie. All this said, the storage is ample to stack up data more than just required. The tablet also doesn't get heated up soon and remains comfortable to hold.

The battery on the tablet lasts about 9 hours, and will easily get you through for the entire day without any hassle. Added to this, the docking keyboard packs up a total of 18 hours of battery life for a better portability experience. Keep in mind that you are going to be a light user or at the max a light-mid user.


The Acer Iconia W511 tablet is a light weight 10.1" tablet with ample lot of battery. Pre loaded with Windows 8 pro OS, it is ready to run windows legacy applications right out of the box. The tablet certainly requires minor updates, and various issues to be sorted out before you can enjoy your experience using this device. If you are going to need a tablet for light usage and with lots of battery, it's a good bet you will consider the Acer Iconia W511. The camera features are good, hardware and storage is good. 

For the big market, it will need to work a little hard before you can consider having an edge amongst it's rivals.

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