Dell XPS 10 Tablet Review

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Dell XPS 10 tablet is Dell's latest update to it's tablet computing devices, running on the Windows RT Operating System, it is slight, and well designed. Along with a detachable keyboard, the XPS 10 effortlessly transforms to a laptop. Dell has packed this tablet with lots of power and fun filled features, adapting to your work style or just be casual. XPS 10 certainly is quite a tablet to miss on the market.


Dell has designed the XPS 10 to make it sturdy, portable and to keep it light. Weighing around 1.4lbs, XPS 10 is quite lighter than it's competitors. The build quality feels premium and is comfortable to hold. The XPS 10 grips well in your hands making it sturdy. Dell also claims, the tablet is capable of withstanding minor bumps, due to it hardened edge-to-edge scratch resistant glass. 

The back also features a 5MP camera and the brand logo. The lock key lies next to expandable memory card slot and usb slot, neatly covered flap, on the top where as the 3.5mm headphones jack is just above the volume keys on the left. The 40-pin doc connector at the bottom also serves as HDMI port (with an adapter).


The Dell XPS 10 has two variants, both powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core processors clocking 1.5GHz, available in 32GB and 64GB flash storage. The tablet features a 10.1" display, 5MP rear facing camera with autofocus, 2MP front facing camera that records 720p video, stereo speakers, dual digital array mics, 28Wh 2-cell lithium battery, essential sensors and connecting ports.

The storage is expandable by a microSD supporting SDXC. The 40-pin dock connector also serves as a HDMI port using an adapter. 

The Keyboard(detachable), sold separately, packs an built in battery, up to 18 hours, 2 USB ports and a HDMI port.


The 10.1" display on the XPS 10 sports a resolution of 1366x768, but certainly lacks pin sharp clarity like the iPad or Chromebook Pixel. However it is decent enough to get the work done, watch movies, or play some games. The Metro app is colourful and the display is adaptive, making it vivd. The display is powerful making it capable of playing 1080p/50fps video files. The screen is also scratch resistant making it durable without affecting the touch interface.


Windows 8 RT runs smoothly, compared to most other devices, but there are numerous minor delays and navigation is slightly poor around the OS. That's not a problem to worry 

once you get used to, once the Metro app kicks in, the entire user experience is smooth.

XPS 10 comes with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 RT, and it's performance is simply amazing. It is much more advanced and the file management of Windows RT is familiar giving it an advantage. Third party desktop apps cannot be installed making it less prone to virus and spyware, so there's no need to install security softwares occupying space.

The XPS 10 claims 10hours of battery life, but in reality it get going on for a day quite easily on a mid-heavy usage. The battery however is not replaceable by the customer.


The Windows 8 app store still lacks dedicated apps. However there are small apps, to get basic stuff done. Coming to the user interface, the Windows RT, which is the lower to Windows 8 pro OS. Being light, it doesn't require huge computing hardware, it is speedy and making it cost effective. The overall experience with the software is good, more than just satisfactory, and will improve as Microsoft upgrades their app store.

The XPS 10 comes preloaded with Windows Defender, Firmware TPM, BitLocker encryption, SecureBoot, etc., which is a good thing, making it feel secure.


Dell has made a tablet good enough for the market, making most out of the user experience. The build quality and feel is quite worth mentioning. The tablet feels comfortable, and sturdy. The 40-pin dock connector is secure and simple to use, easily transforming it to a notebook. It packs in more power, connector ports, but is sold separately. What the XPS 10 lacks, is a high clarity screen. It definitely is a challenging device in the market and is a device to look out for.

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