Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Review

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The Razer Edge series, developed by Razer, is the Gaming tablet designed by gamers, for gamers. With insane hardware, this is top specs device that will rule the market for quite some time in anything to do with specifications. The Razer Edge is available in two variants, Razer Edge and Razer Edge pro with hardware upgrades. Designed with just one thing in mind, Gaming, the Razer Edge is an ultimate gaming tablet, for extreme performance.


Both the Razer Edge and Razer Edge Pro are designed the same. It doesn't seem any different from a top end Windows 8 Pro tablet in the market, but is slightly chunkier and on the heavier side. On the back, you will instantly notice the glowing Razer logo and the matte finish on the entire device. This is the first approach towards your feel for gaming. The Razer Edge has certainly grabbed the gaming attention in you.

The Razer Edge is big on hardware, really big, and accounts for the huge ventilation grills are placed on the top of the tablet.  The build is premium and feels sturdy and comfortable to hold. It weighs around 2.1lbs, that is heavy, and will be difficult to keep holding it upright for a little long. The screen is about 10.2" portraying vivid, high resolution graphics.


The Razer Edge and Razer Edge Pro vary in processing speed, graphics and storage. However, the stereo speakers, HDMI port via the dock, front facing 2MP camera, Array microphones, Dolby Home Theater v4, USB 3.0 port, 3.5 mm headphones jack remain common to both. Let's get to the real specifications that the price tag speaks.

The Razer Edge is packed with Intel Core i5 Dual core w/ Hyper Threading Base 1.7GHz and 2.6GHz on Turbo. The tablet also sports processing memory of 4GB DDR3 RAM and graphics powered by Intel HD4000 combined with 1GB NVIDIA GT 640M LE. The Razer Edge is only available with a standard 64GB SSD for storage.

The Razer Edge Pro is packed with Intel Core i7 Dual core w/Hyper Threading Base 1.9GHz and 3GHz on Turbo. The processing memory is a whooping 8GB DDR3 RAM and graphics powered by Intel HD400 combine with 2GB NVIDIA GT 640M LE. The Razer Edge Pro is available with a storage option of 128GB and 256GB SSD.

Both the Razer Edge models are compatible to Tablet, Keyboard, Mobile Console, and Home Console modes sold separately to suit your gaming needs. The tablet is also capable of 1080p video output and gaming via the dock.


The Razer Edge certainly boasts insane hardware and is built for gaming. How it performs is where we are getting to. The Gaming Dock is huge, and makes the whole device weigh about 4.2lbs. Making it difficult to hold longer while playing, but is certainly the best device to play with in the market. The Gaming Dock, GamePad, controls are fixed and may feel uncomfortable at the beginning until you get used to it. It offers a good grip and an amazing gaming experience to match a PC or gaming console experience.

Now to the games. Razer Edge Pro performs seamlessly well on graphic and gameplay intense games like Crysis 3 or Far Cry 3 on its 1366x768 pixel resolution. The Razer Edge is not quite far back, but keeping in mind the lower configuration compared to the Pro version, it does an amazing job. Some of the games are yet to be optimised for touchscreen along with a touch-specific interface for better gaming experience. The GamePad also packs a removable battery pack to get more juice for longer gameplay. Games played on the Edge Pro are just as fantastic and addictive as playing on a gaming console or a desktop.

The docking station, capable of 1080p video output, offers connectivity to the big screen for a bigger gaming experience. It may be expensive compared to laptop with similar configuration and slightly better performance, but we however have to consider the fact that this device is a tablet, a very powerful tablet. 

Performance (other than gaming)

Such a capable device will certainly provide an amazing, flawless user experience when running apps, multitasking, etc. The device is powered by Windows 8 Pro OS and is capable of all and everything possible a desktop or notebook is capable of, even the applications. Apps load quicker, software interface is seamless across the OS, and multi-tasking is effortless. The tablet also lacks a rear facing camera for other than gaming purposes. Although it is thick, bulkier and weighs slightly heavy, it feels like the gamers are going to enjoy this power factory. The battery lasts a solid 4 and half hours on multimedia heavy usage and drops to about slightly more than 2 hours on intense graphic hungry games. This is definitely good battery, but not on paper until you compare such a usage to other tablets.


The Razer Edge is definitely an edge to tablets in the gaming segment, with literally no competitors, other than laptops, to match the specifications or performance. It is quite heavily priced for a tablet, but it all is for the portability and extreme hardware in the device. The weight might  seem a concern for a few, but compared to it's rivals, but for such a performance, you'll never realise when you have actually stopped noticing it. The screen lacks high resolution and necessity for  mobile console, keyboard console and hoe console adds up to the cost depending on usage. A tablet for gamers and a product to look out for enthusiasts. All other's may move on to suitable budget range and multimedia features.  

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